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Automatic washing green one machine series

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Automatic washing green one machine series






    Ad vantages of fully automatic washing and environmental protection all-in-one machine:

    1.saving water 60%

    2., improve the working environment and reduce labor intensity

    3. provinces, 70% artificial, small footprint

    4. built in internal circulating water treatment system, without any sewage discharge, and the water cycle to meet the national recycling standards.

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Detailed introduction





Present situation introduction:

At present, a large amount of waste water is discharged from every cylinder in the market, which wastes a great deal of water resources and increases the operation cost of the enterprise.

Introduction of automatic washing and environmental protection all-in-one machine:

This machine aims at the special clothes developed in the Chinese market which have to be soaked in water  to reach the effect, so as to achieve the effect of water immersion,It can also be developed with the requirement of pollution-free water discharge. This machine has the functions of water circulation and water treatment, so that the water has been recycled and has no pollution Water discharge is a kind of environmental protection equipment with high technology and technology.

洗衣机对比   Comparison of Washing Machines

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