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Fully automatic milling machine F series

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Fully automatic milling machine F series







    1.imported components;

    2.built in steam source, saving the cost of boiler installation;

    3.simple operation, intelligent, one person can operate more than one machine, no one to look after the boiler;

    4.convenient installation, power supply can be produced; 5. energy-saving devices, make full use of steam traps exhaust steam preheating radiator,Steam water is used to heat the boiler water and make full use of the generator to exhaust steam to save energy 40%.

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Detailed introduction

SRZ-60/100 / 125F

Eleven advantages of automatic milling machine:

First, environmental protection

The device is in use without any sewage discharge, users do not have to worry about any environmental problems.

Second, easy to operate

Easy to operate, set washing, soft, solid color and other multi-functional as one, easily get 30 minutes.

Third, soft, fluffy

According to user requirements to control down, soft, fluffy effect.

Fourth, a wide range of applications

Knitted, cotton, leather, all kinds of sweaters, scarves, car cushions, cotton, down jackets, etc. can be applied.

Five, shrinking

Control according to user requirements shrink effect, you can strictly control the size of the garment to achieve the desired effect!

Six, fixing color

Can play a fixed color, will not cross-dyeing!

Seven, to impurities, plush

Clothes on the debris, plush can effectively remove!

Eight, high efficiency

1. A person can operate six machines, the output value is very high (see follow-up comparison table)

2. Processing time is short, only 30-40 minutes a cylinder of clothes, the benefits of more than three times the traditional process

Nine, energy saving

1. Water-saving, each producing a cylinder of clothes only 20 kg of water;

2. Provincial syrup, syrup demand is 30% of the traditional process;

3 power, the actual electricity per hour at about 3 degrees;

4. Provincial steam, 50% less than the average traditional process;

Ten, provincial space, clean, tidy

The device only 30% of the traditional process space, but also to solve the traditional process of chaos, dirty! (A small milling machine only need 50 square on it.If the company used three SRZ-125F-type machines, can fully achieve the traditional small and medium sized milling machine output value)

XI, less investment, quick

Traditional process Milling plant survival status analysis:

1. Now the traditional mill is facing a large number of sewage drainage, wastewater treatment fees each year a lot, subject to national environmental requirements, so that the traditional washing plant is facing the normal production situation!

2. High production costs, complicated process, complex!

3. Miscellaneous environment, chaos, poor, dirty, young generation are reluctant to engage in the industry, smelly all day long!

4. Milling water washing staff is hard to find, but the salary is high!

5. contrary to the national environmental protection policy, facing serious problems of existence!

Milling machine traditional process:

Milling machine new process:

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