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utomatic washing dyeing machine

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utomatic washing dyeing machine


    1.省水达 30%



    Advantages of fully automatic washing and environmental protection all-in-one machine:

    1.sa ving water 30%

    2.the working environment improved, labor intensity reduced, a person can operate independently of many  machines

    3.provinces, 50% artificial, small footprint

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Detailed introduction





 Present situation introduction:

With the traditional dye vat, dehydration to drying, the whole environment containing large amounts of acid and alkali salt high temperature environment, but also time-consuming, working environment tenIt is a job that a young man does not want to do, and it has a great influence on his health. He works in such an environment for a long time  Prone to respiratory system failure and other diseases!

Introduction of automatic washing and environmental protection all-in-one machine:

The machine adopts automatic process, the whole dyeing process does not need manual control, the work intensity of personnel is reduced, the environment is improved, and the workshop becomes clean and tidy.

洗衣机对比   Comparison of Washing Machines

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