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You know several industrial washing equipment

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You know several industrial washing equipment

Release date:2017-12-06 Author:力颖 Click:

Highly developed in science and technology today, the demand for large quantities of laundry, and promote the rapid development of industrial washing equipment. The development, production and application of high-quality industrial washing equipment are one of the most important symbols of an enterprise's technological progress. The following for your analysis of industrial washing equipment related categories:

1. Milling machine Milling machine is a collection of washing, soft, fixing, shrinking and other multi-function machine. According to customer requirements to achieve the desired effect. And simple operation, saving time and labor compared to traditional equipment.

2. Dryer category includes exhaust dryer, dryer compound duct, smart dryer and so on. Exhaust dryer according to their structure can be divided into the top of the hair style and the bottom of the suction type two.

3. Folding machines include general folding machine, special folding machine, folding conveyor, stacking machine and so on.

4. Ironing machine category includes direct hot roller ironing machine, slot hot roller ironing machine, universal clipper, light board clipper, and various special clothing clip ironing machine.

5. Washing machines include single washing machines, dehydrators and washing machines. Elution machine according to their performance, role and purpose are completely different.

6. Auxiliary machinery ironing platform, a small steam generator, clothing and other transportation machinery.

7. Dyeing and elution one machine using automated technology, the entire dyeing process does not require manual control. Greatly improve the environment, and staff efficiency.

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