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Li Ying Group outstanding team in November the successful conclusion

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Li Ying Group outstanding team in November the successful conclusion

Release date:2017-12-06 Author:力颖 Click:

After 4 weeks' intense competition, the outstanding team of Li-Ying Group in November 2017 has been produced. The assembly department has won the outstanding performance in this month's competition and won the title of "Outstanding Team".

November Award Team .jpg

   Li Ying every month outstanding team competition activities, designed to enrich the company's corporate culture, strengthen the sense of teamwork among department staff and enhance cohesion. The grading standards mainly consist of several aspects such as the quality of departmental work, production capacity, work safety, employees' code of conduct, regional environmental sanitation, and departmental outstanding contributions. The selection team set up by the company conducts weekly checks and scoring, and the department with the highest monthly rating wins.

    In this month's selection, all departments showed a high level of enthusiasm, enthusiasm for participation, and a lot of gains. Among them, there has been a great change in departmental sanitation, and various departments have also arranged some safety hazards in production and promoted employee code of conduct.

 Morning meeting .jpg

   However, after appraisal, we also found that there are still some problems in various departments. Some departments still operate in violation of the rules of production equipment, electricity and water, the use of special equipment is still non-standard behavior, there are still individual production quality problems, these problems still need us to work hard to improve, in December, let us work together even more it is good!

       The above article comes from Li Ying machinery, professional commitment to environmental research and development of washing equipment, production, (www.liying-china.com) reproduced please indicate the source.

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