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Optional washing equipment skills

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Optional washing equipment skills

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Optional washing equipment tips [laundry equipment]

For a lot of friends to buy washing equipment, usually when the choice of products will be shop around, than the price, appearance and more. However, Shanghai Li-Ying said that in fact, many consumers in the purchase of washing equipment, do not know how to choose their products are often only limited to product prices, and personal sensory preferences. In fact, the purchase of washing equipment is the need for a certain skill.

Shanghai Li Ying said that consumers in the purchase of ordinary washing equipment, you should first pick some brand old, good quality and high credibility of the brand, because these brands of washing equipment are generally through the relevant state departments of technical monitoring, safety performance is good, wash Net ratio, dehydration rate, wear rate, noise, etc. in line with national standards.

Buy, open the package, observe the surface of large washing equipment with or without scratches, scratches, the operation panel is flat, the plastic without warping deformation, cracks, etc., knobs, switches and other installation is in place, dewatering cover flip flexible , There is no part of the barrel off.

Then, turn the control knob and other switches, with or without stuck phenomenon, the final return to zero, then connect the power, turn on the switch to see if the operation is normal, with no sound, to see if the operation is stable, sound, vibration with or without abnormal . In addition, Shanghai Li-Ying remind consumers to buy large-scale washing equipment, do not forget to observe the washing equipment drain, the power cord is intact, the installation is solid, and then check the attachment is complete.

Thus, many consumers in the purchase of washing equipment, when do not know where to check the product quality and performance, and the observation is not careful enough to make the device found after the purchase of some of the deficiencies, at that time, I regret it .

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