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Join force Ying we will provide you

1, good reputation. Li Ying good reputation in the industry itself can have a strong market appeal, for the franchisee to open up the market to provide a good brand support, Li Ying has 10 years of industry experience to ensure that dealers provide the best products in the industry.

2, advanced products. Li Ying's products are devoted to solving the problems of environmental protection and efficiency in the washing industry. Li Ying owns a number of production patents, which saves energy, saves energy and saves energy, saves energy and saves energy. It has product advantages and competitive advantages over the products on the market.

3, network platform support. Li-Ying establish a unified online marketing platform, in major portals, search engines, etc. into advertising, promotion, to ensure that the information coverage target customers, enhance brand and product visibility, and maintain its influence.

4, customer resource support. Li Ying in the major portals collected a large number of accurate customer demand information will be the first time to inform the client's partner, each year will give partners a lot of business opportunities for free.

5, technical support. Li Ying has excellent team of engineers, ready to provide customers with technical advice and technical services.

Joining requirements

1, Approved Li Ying's business philosophy and model, Li Yuanying and the company is willing to business philosophy and model, is willing to work with Li Ying company committed to the cleaning industry for environmental protection, energy-saving construction.

2, the law recognized by the relevant commercial activities of people who have legal and valid documents.

3, have a certain financial strength and good business credit, market development ideas and operational skills, commitment and practical loyalty to the brand.

4, to understand the local market with the industry, have good contacts, to establish distribution network, with the establishment of after-sales service, installation, maintenance team capacity.

5, once engaged in the washing industry enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households, more advantages to obtain franchise licenses.

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